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Terms of Use

In order to utilize this site, I acknowledge that I am accessing electronic Protected Health Information ("ePHI") as a part of continued medical care provided by me to the subjects of the ePHI that I access. I also acknowledge that I am a "covered entity" or “business associate” as defined under HIPAA and, as such, I am obligated to meet the requirements of HIPAA related to the access, use, and disclosure of ePHI.

I understand that I am only authorized to access the ePHI of individuals for whom I am directly providing medical care and am only authorized to access the ePHI that is necessary to provide that medical care. I further understand that my access to ePHI on this site may be monitored and audited and that, if it is determined that I have accessed any individual's ePHI inappropriately (outside of the scope of my authority under HIPAA), among other things, the operator of this site reserves the right to limit or eliminate my future rights to access ePHI using this site.

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